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Welcome to my website. If you're here because I gave you my business card, it was great to meet you. If you've stumbled across me, I hope you find what you're looking for.

Here's how I may be able to help you:

Media Training

I have worked in the media in the UK and Europe for over 15 years. Most of my experience is in commercial radio news, but also in newspapers, television and online.

Now I work with companies such as The Media Group and Airtime Communications to unlock the mysteries of the industry to a wide variety of organisations through media training.

Playing the media game is much easier when you understand the rules.

Voice Training

As a News Editor with ever-shrinking budgets, I learned how to train newsreaders quickly and effectively.

While I still train newsreaders and journalism students, I now help a wider range of people who want to sound more confident and connect more closely with listeners. Sometimes we work face to face in a studio, sometimes I provide feedback and guidance from a distance.

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Local Websites

If you're looking to publicise an event or a business in the Thornbury or Yate areas of South Gloucestershire, you'll need www.MyThornbury.co.uk or MyYate.co.uk.

I've spent over a decade working on websites and learning what makes them successful, and these are the result: comprehensive online guides to what's on and how to get involved.

Interested in any of the above? Please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Claire Jaggard
MA(Oxon), Dip Mgmt (Open), Diploma in Broadcast Journalism (Falmouth)

Free Proofreading Guide

Click here to download a free proofreading guide from Cleland Thom, director of CTJT, which provides online journalism courses.